Welcome to the Homepage of the Leicester & Leicestershire Local Family Justice Board. These pages will give you information and links which you should find helpful, whether you are a professional person working in the family justice system, or if you are involved in the family justice system yourself. The family justice system deals with cases such as separation, divorce, domestic violence, couples’ disputes about their children, child protection and adoption, child abduction and forced marriage.

The Local Family Justice Board (FJB) is a subsidiary of the National Family Justice Board. The Board is comprised of representatives of the agencies involved in family justice: The Courts Service (HMCTS), CAFCASS, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council, the Police, Mediators, Magistrates, Legal Advisers, the Legal Aid Agency, Solicitors and Barristers.

The Board aims to work collaboratively to improve performance and efficiency within the local family justice system and beyond.


If you have a case in the Family Court yourself or are looking for advice, our Information and Advice Centre will point you in the right direction. If you are a practitioner within the family justice system, our Resource Centre contains links to relevant legislation, guidance, practice directions, forms, orders and other documents available to download.