Guidelines for Lawyers Dealing with LiPs

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The Law Society, Bar Council and Chartered Institute of Legal Executives have jointly published comprehensive guidelines for all lawyers dealing with cases in which the other side is self-representing.  This is in response to the sharp increase in the number of litigants in person who are unable to obtain Legal Aid.


The guidelines are very full and offer practical and common-sense advice as well as a full round-up of the relevant codes of conduct of the respective professional bodies and other judiciary-issued guidance.  It is strongly recommended that all lawyers read the guidance in full and have it to hand at all times when at court.


The guidelines also cover the rules in respect of McKenzie Friends, as well as very handy “plain English” guides for lawyers to give to their own clients and to LiPs in order to explain what each party can expect from the process, and the duties and responsibilities of the lawyer and the Court.  Additionally, the guidelines list several additional resources to which the LiP can be directed for further information.


All of the documents can be downloaded here.