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You could be excused, as a practitioner in the field of child protection or family law, for balking at the suggestion of reading anything more than we have to already.  What with the seemingly never-ending cascade of new legislation, practice notes and directions, statutory guidance, standard form orders, consultation papers, “Views”, reports, interim reports, working groups, research, statistics… etc etc, not to mention our actual work (!), it can be difficult at the end of yet another long day at the coal face to motivate oneself to do anything more than watch Great British Bake Off (or similar) in a zombie-like trance.


Latest MoJ statistics demonstrate that sales of reading glasses among family lawyers are up 87% on October 2013.


However, we would like to encourage you to read just a little bit more.


Blogging is an ever-increasing medium in all areas.  In family law there are two very notable bloggers who do their best to keep us all updated as to new cases and developments, while at the same time providing some light entertainment when possible.  Many of you will know them already.


Andrew Pack (aka Suesspicious Minds) is a care lawyer at Brighton and Hove City Council and a consultant member of the Sussex Family Justice Board.  He recently won Family Law Commentator of the Year at the Family Law Awards 2014 for his blog Suesspicious Minds.  Described as “law, nonsense and the nonsense of law”, the blog regularly considers in some depth notable decided cases and developments in the field of family law and court of protection cases, often with a satirical – and occasionally hilarious – slant.    He also regularly contributes his “View from the Foot of the Tower” to


You can follow him on Twitter at @susspiciousmin.


Lucy Reed (aka Familoo) is a barrister practicing in family law at St John’s Chambers, Bristol.  She is also the author of “The Family Court Without a Lawyer – a Handbook for Litigants in Person”, has developed and contributes to the recently-established  Videos which she has developed to assist Litigants in Person feature in our “I am representing myself” section of our Information and Advice Centre.  Her Pink Tape blog has won many awards and accolades for its innovative commentary in the field of family law.  Lucy describes the blog as “I ricochet from too serious to too flippant and where I may vent, rant or wax lyrical at my own whim, mostly about family law.”


You can follow her on Twitter at @familoo.


The blogs are highly recommended for those wanting a break from the monotony, to take a sideways glance at the work we all do and provide a bit of light relief from time to time in what is undoubtedly a demanding, frenetic and often emotionally-fraught job.  There is no doubt room for more, why not try starting your own blog?  We already have a promising local blogger in Lady of an Uncertain Age